March 16, 2017

A Primer for Online Video Marketing in China [Part 3] : Building the Right Campaign

Posted by John Steere on Mar 16, 2017 10:22:01 AM
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In the previous two installments of this series (Part 1, Part 2), we covered ways to make sure that you are getting the most return on your Integrated Video Campaign. China’s online video ecosystem is filled with opportunity but it is essential for marketers to be vigilant and smart in order to not get taken advantage of. In the Middle Kingdom, advertisers and brands must take additional measures to ensure maximum exposure with the Chinese consumer.


In this final segment, you will learn how to create effective video campaigns that will ensure the best ROI. As the case in many dealings in China, it pays to be detailed, however, marketers should also not be scared to sometimes think outside of the box.


Steps 3 & 4 to creating effective Integrated Video Campaigns (IVC):


3. Amplify the love to the right target


Sloppy audience targeting can easily add up to hundreds and even millions in ad budget wastage. Keep video platforms honest by asking for their data tracking analysis. Determining which platform to use is not as simple as going with the top ones. Dig deeper to determine those platforms that are most aligned with your target audience. Some platforms cover a broad demographic while some are gender specific or more industry specific, e.g. gaming, automobiles.


Either only buy inventory from sites you’re familiar with, or ask your supplier for a list of 100% of the sites they’re running on – both before the campaign starts and after it’s over. Verify the integrity of those sites and don’t pay for substandard placements. But keep in mind, even if you ask for these things in China, there’s a chance you won’t get exactly what you’ve requested – It’s the nature of the beast.


We do this for advertisers every day at Yooya. Open and extensible architecture help simplify complex in-stream, multi-device digital video campaigns.


4. Explore Different Video Formats


Besides the traditional ad formats like pre-roll, banner, display, etc. consider testing and validating other formats like Digital Brand Amplification (product placement), Native Video Advertising and Episodic Videos. All of these format options leverage content creators who possess a massive following. Many of these content creators or influencers/KOLs have millions of followers/subscribers. This is a great way to drive awareness and engagement. This gives brands an opportunity to connect with a broad audience in a unique and engaging way by seamlessly integrating yourself into the influencers’ popular culture. It’s relevant, non-intrusive and creates a more positive relationship with your target audience.


Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 10.04.48 AM.png

Original Video


Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 10.05.03 AM.png

Digital Brand Amplification (Product Placement)


Besides increasing awareness and engagement, you should always be thinking about how to monetize your message or increase conversion for whatever it is you are selling. There are effective ways to drive conversion by inserting buttons, links, QR codes to your video content that provides a seamless integration to your eCommerce platforms or websites. You can also leverage your content creators’ Weibo and/or WeChat followers accounts and include a link/message to your eCommerce platform.  These can be done without too much interruption to the viewers’ attention especially if your content is aligned with the product and/or brand you are promoting. Make every effort to consider the full digital path to purchase; Engage, Amplify and Convert. This will increase the likelihood of improving your conversion metrics.   


This concludes our three-part primer for the online video market in China. Subscribe to our blog to ensure you receive future insights.

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