October 14, 2016

Opportunities in Fragmentation: How Yooya Powers Online Video in China

Posted by Yooya Team on Oct 14, 2016 12:47:37 AM

Fragmentation has always been a theme in media. Whether it’s print, OOH, radio, TV, mobile, online video or social. In China, the absence of Youtube has led to the fragmentation of the domestic online video market. Instead of one dominant platform the country boasts over forty, each vying for unique audiences and views, making online video a very competitive market in China. As a result, reaching consumers in the world’s fastest growing economy can pose a challenge for both brands and advertisers.

Yooya solves this issue. The online video landscape in China can be daunting and complex. We aim to make reaching the biggest online video audience in the world, simple. Today, Yooya reaches over 632 million users in China (95% of overall users) and China is forecast to grow usage to over 700 million by year end (2016).

 ChinaOnlineVideo.pngThis displays the number of popular Online Video destinations that call China home

For our clients, fragmentation means opportunity. By assembling the biggest network of online video platforms in China, we offer advertisers and brands the simplest and most efficient means of leveraging online video to reach the widest audiences.

Traditionally, buying video ad’s in China meant formalizing commercial partnerships with multiple platforms, submitting for approval to multiple sites with varying requirements, waiting on turn-around, and finally posting the ad. With Yooya, you simply submit to one destination; we handle distribution to all platforms as well as monitoring, analytics, and reporting.

You may be thinking, Why China? Why Yooya? Whether you’re a brand or an ad agency, leveraging online video in the Chinese market can be fraught with complication, but abundant with opportunity. Consider that there are now nearly three times more internet users in China than in the United States, the opportunities far outweigh the setbacks.

When you think about China internet and video usage, consider that:

  • Analysts forecast that China’s internet population will reach 721 million users by the end of 2016, almost 53% of China’s total population is now online.
  • Online Video is the dominant use of online time spent at 33% with Social media and Search trailing at 10% and 11% respectively.
  • Chinese consumers are on-track to spend over $1.1 Trillion dollars online yearly, as early as 2020, compared with US spending, which is forecast at $523 billion by 2020.
  • China accounts for 21.1% of the world’s internet users.
  • Chinese adults spend an average of three hours and fives minutes per day on digital media, representing 50.6% of total media time.
  • The average internet user is 25-years-old, 80% of users are working age or will enter working age in the next five years.

When it comes to reaching consumers in China, online video matters to advertisers. But, so does data. That’s why we’ve built our own analytics platform, which offers the metrics you expect. With our data analytics platform, we’re able to deliver near-time analytics on your media via a subscription to our data insights dasboard. 

Online video is key to capturing the hearts, minds, and wallets of China’s digital consumers. Whether you’re looking to build exposure for your brand, drive e-commerce traffic, generate hype for an event or develop a targeted lead list, Yooya's video advertising solutions help you maximize exposure in the world’s biggest economy.

At Yooya, we help you reach more users with in-depth analytics and advanced technology.

About Yooya

Yooya is one of China's fastest growing online video networks and provides comprehensive content distribution, rights management, and video-based advertising solutions. Our one-stop, technology-driven approach to online video delivers broader distribution, better data insights, superior monetization, and more effective video advertising solutions.

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