June 09, 2015

New Partnership Between Entertainment Direct Asia and Breaker Inc. Begins to Reap Success

Posted by Yooya News Release on Jun 9, 2015 9:00:06 AM

Jun 2015 (Shanghai) - A new partnership between China’s leading independent online video management company, Entertainment Direct Asia (EDA), and Japan's next-generation media company, Breaker Inc., is already paying dividends.

The first joint project between the two companies has already proven the power of the partnership by dramatically growing the digital presence in two of the world’s largest online video markets for Japanese artist and online video creator Yamashita Tomohiro, who is currently based in Shanghai.

Through both the EDA network in China and the Breaker network in Japan, Yamashita’s online programs have generated more than 100 million views on leading Chinese video sites, as well as on YouTube in Japan and globally outside of China, targeting Chinese speakers both at home and abroad.

The strategic partnership between EDA and Breaker is designed to spearhead new content management and monetization efforts in the rapidly growing online video markets of both China and Japan.

The partnership allows both companies to increase their strong positions in these neighboring markets, and to continue expanding their content delivery and creative roles within each. As both the Chinese and Japanese online video spaces mature, the need for such strategic partnerships becomes increasingly vital.

Alan Swarts, CEO of Breaker, said, “Our partnership with EDA has been a huge success. Their operational effectiveness in the fragmented online video market in China has provided a significant value-adding role for Breaker and our content partners. As in the case of Yamashita, this partnership offers a legitimate and proven alternative for Japan’s next generation content creators to connect with Chinese millennials. We’re excited about the results that have stemmed from this collaboration, and are looking forward to continuing our work together.”

Alex Wang, General Manager of EDA, said, “I’m delighted at the opportunity to work with Breaker Inc. This joint project involving Yamashita is evidence of the potential for the partnership. The project has been met with a tremendous amount of success and we’re confident that both the channel’s popularity and our relationship with Breaker Inc. will continue to bear great fruit as we move forward together.”

EDA and Breaker Inc. are both portfolio companies of Asia’s first digital media venture studio, Designed for Revolution (DFR Asia).

About Entertainment Direct Asia
Entertainment Direct Asia Ltd. licenses, manages, and distributes online video content in China, home to more than a dozen major video services and the largest online video market in the world. Leading video creators and rights holders worldwide turn to EDA and EDA’s advanced technology solutions to manage their video assets, gain rapid access to all major video platforms, and maximize the value of their online video assets in China.

For more information please visit:www.edirect.asia

Contact: Alex Wang
Telephone: +86 (21) 63866290
Email: press@edirect.asia

About Breaker Inc.
Breaker is Japan’s first next generation media entertainment company. Building on its unique technology and network of creators, Breaker develops complete entertainment strategies with video and social media to break down traditional barriers between Japan and the world for individual creators, artists, brands, and media companies. Breaker was founded in 2013 by the former Vice President of MTV Japan, Alan Swarts and co-founder of Designed for Revolution, John Possman.

For more information please visit:http://brkr.jp

Contact: Alan Swarts
Telephone: + 81 (0)3-6447-4864
Email: press@brkr.jp

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